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Radon Links

For more detailed information about radon and radon mitigation systems feel free to visit the following sites:

Official EPA site for radon information - The site contains numerous articles on radon in the home, the causes, the consequences, and what you can do about it.

The National Environmental Health Assoc - The NEHA credentials and certifies environmental health professionals.

Department of Environmental Protection - Montgomery County, Maryland - Understand what the new rules surrounding home sales in Montgomery County, Maryland mean to you.

The American Cancer Society Website - Provides information from the American Cancer Society on long-term radon exposure and its health risks.

University of Iowa - Hopsitals and Clinics - Comprehensive library of articles, written by talented UI Hospitals and Clinics staff, features information and patient guides covering common health topics including radon exposure.

National Cancer Institute - This is an article from the National Cancer Institute detailing the risks of cancer associated with radon. While we're not trying to be alarmists here, it should be noted that the most conservative estimates show 15,000 to 22,000 lung cancer deaths each year as a result of radon exposure.

National Radon Program Services - Kansas State University - The Kansas State University site contains a multitude of links to sites on radon testing and radiation mitigation. Site also offers low cost test solutions.

Radon Awareness Website - Discusses radon issues, promotes awareness and offer low cost test solutions.

Environmental Protection Agency - Consumer’s guide to radon reduction.

University of Maryland - Extension Website - Provides radon questions and answers and general resources from the University of Maryland Extension.

CanSAR Organization Website - CanSAR is an organization dedicated to preventing radon-induced lung cancer and saving lives through advocacy, awareness, and outreach.”

World Health Organization - Key facts and information from the World Health Organization on radon.