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About Radon

You can't see radon. You can't smell it or taste it. But it may be a problem in your home. Radon is a natural, radioactive gas,  tasteless, odorless, and invisible, formed by the decay of uranium in the earth's soil. It comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water and is released into the air that we all breathe.

Health Hazard

Radon is a carcinogenic gas. Carcinogenic means that it does cause cancer. Radon is estimated to cause many thousands of deaths each year. The US Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. Only smoking causes more lung cancer deaths. If your home has high radon levels and you smoke, your risk of lung cancer is especially high.

Radon Entry into Your Home

The gas rises to the surface and into a building through porous soil, and cracks in a building foundation, and works its way into the air inside a building.  In some cases the gas can come right through a porous concrete foundation, even if there are no cracks.

Risk Assessment

The only way to determine that you are not at risk is to have your home or office tested by experienced, licensed professionals, knowledgeable in radon detection, reduction and prevention.  It can get into any type of building...homes, offices, and schools...and build up to high levels, although you and your family are most likely to get your greatest exposure at home, since that is where you spend most of your time.. Testing is inexpensive and easy - and takes only a few minutes.

Radon Correction

There are several ways to fix a radon problem that aren't too expensive. Even very high levels can be reduced to acceptable levels. For more information on some of the methods utilized by GeoTech Radon Services, see our Common Methods for Reducing Radon page.