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GeoTech Radon Services specializes in the design and installation of radon mitigation (radon reduction) systems in Maryland

At GeoTech Radon Services (formally Benner GeoTech) we believe in quality and customer satisfaction. We will work with you to develop a functional yet architecturally appealing plan.

We strive to install systems for radon mitigation in Maryland that blend and work with your existing home decor. There is no compromise where your safety is concerned.


Indoor radon gas is a national health problem. Radon causes thousands of deaths each year. Millions of homes have elevated radon levels. Homes should be tested for radon. When elevated levels are confirmed, the problem should be corrected.

Are YOU at risk?

Radon in Maryland - Map of Risk Areas In Maryland

As you can see, most of Maryland is in the moderate to high risk area.  Radon is the #2 cause of lung cancer in this country today. Don't take chances with your health...have your home inspected by competent radon mitigation professionals today.